Our plan

Our goal is to reach zero emissions by 2025 in all our travels. In a sustainable way, without increasing customer prices. Our infrastructures no longer have a carbon print, furthermore we provide charging docks on our parking space for all refrigerated lorries that need to keep the temperature regulated; without having to use the diesel engine they have built in.

Our effort

In this 2021 we hope to be even more green, with our brand new installation of photovoltaic panels. In the road transport from Spain to Scandinavian countries we are reaching 98% CO² emissions savings. And we are currently searching for new technologies that enable us to reach 100% less emissions in 5 years:

  • Lorry rail
  • Other types of fueling – LNG (our first travel)
  • Currently, we are expecting the arrival of the new electrical semi truck, our Tesla Semi.

In 2018 we pre-ordered our the new semi truck from Tesla, the Telsa Semi, with almost 1000km of range with one charge. In 2017 we patented the utility model for an autonomous refrigerated lorry. We are currently hoping to reach its manufacturing in 2022, with the help of the best providers of refrigerated lorries, shafts and batteries. We want to thank everybody that believed in us and backed this project from the very beginning.