Humanitarian help

According to UNHCR, up to four million people might leave Ukraine. The European Commission, which estimated the number of possible refugees in seven million, is preparing to manage this unprecedented crisis. For this reason, from DeltaStocks we enabled ways to support those who need it most in their darkest time.

Ukraine embassy in Spain has contacted us through ATFRIE in order for us to be able to send material donations to refugee areas. This Saturday March 12th we sent our first truck with humanitarian help towards the border between Poland and Ukraine.

With this first truck, we will be covering all the expenses of the travel, our main issue is that more than 60 trucks will be needed this week in order to transport all the donated goods that are already stored in Spanish warehouses to the refugee camps.

For this reason, we ask for help and we leave ways to collaborate with monetary donations towards the Juntos por Ucrania NGO. Your donation allows the creation of a convoy formed by buses, trucks, private cars and other vechicles that allows them to carry material donations to Ukraine and bring refugees to Spain alongside health personnel.

Donation platforms

+34 675 79 76 76
Wire transfer:
ES69 0049 3694 1624 1402 0656

Furthermore, we have a small warehouse available in Amposta (Tarragona) in case it could be used to store food or other material goods for transportation.

It’s our belief that in this exceptional situation we need to offer all our assets and infrastructe to those who need it the most.

In this short video provided by ATFRIE director, Ms. Yolanda Medina, we can see the premises in Madrid where all material donations are stored, with more than 700 pallets waiting to be delivered to the refugee camps. This is just one example of the many drop points available.

In the following image you can see the route that our first humanitarian convoy followed in its trip.

Our first truck has already delivered the material donations on the frontier. We remind you of the difficult situation the Ukranian refugees are experiencing and we encourage everybody that is able to participate and collaborate with donations.