We are Delta Stocks

Pioneers since early 70s in refrigerated road transport from Spain to Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark).

After almost 50 years we continue to offer the largest and best service from and to Scandinavia with our truck fleet. Innovating in the world of road transport in order to reduce emissions and secure a better future for our children. Feel free to review our continuously improved compromise policy, that follows the highest standards of our industry.


We offer our clients a customized service, always delivering from the innovation, sturdiness and sustainability offered by our own large fleet of trucks.

Customized service

We solve our clients logistic problems.

Fully equipped

Refrigerated chambers available for cross-docking and storing fruits and vegetables.

New technologies

GPS tracking and temperature monitoring in real time, using state of the art telematic devices.

Our services


Our routes extend all through Scandinavia, where we schedule daily departures to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark with returning imports to Spain and Portugal. We make deliveries, pickups and load transfers at any time of the day.


The cold is our ally. We are experts on refrigerated and frozen goods. All our trucks come with a digital system to log the temperature changes of the products. We deliver your wares on the specified time and in the same state they were handed to us. Responsibility is our main concern. 

Cross docking

Cross-docking allows us to group the individual packages of each transport using a sorting plaform. This tecnique lets us to ready up delivery without the need of a warehouse and, therefore, without the necessity of storing the goods before picking the necessary items for a specified distribution.

Paper importers

Storage, delivery and pick up of paper coils (up to 5.000kg and 2.000mm diameter) using specialized pincers. In addition to the storage of coils, we control the traceability of the delivery. We keep trackig of the remaining stock using specialized software to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


We are compliant with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, as certified by Applus+ and accredited by ENAC.  All of which endorses Delta Stocks’ high quality level as a company and the services we provide as well as our compromise with the environment.


We have a mobile app available for drivers to notify them of real time changes regarding the delivery as well as upcoming incidences, should they arise, allowing us to be completely transparent with our customers. We monitorize and control the temperature of goods using state of the art telematic systems.

We are the strongest link on your logistics chain

Our history

  • 1969

  • 1980s


First travels from Spain to Stockholm. First comercial agreement. We begin loading trucks from Sweden to Spain.


Foundation of our 2nd company: Transportes Internacionales Alonso SA equipped with a fleet of 30 refrigerated trucks. Customized routes to Russia and Eastern Europe countries.
  • 2000s

  • 2010s

  • Future...


We increase our fleet to 300 trucks. Introduction of satellite GPS. We upgrade our equipment to handle imported paper coils from Scandinavia.


First refrigerated storage chambers for cross-docking. We built shelves for dried goods. Intermodal travels with Lorry Rail: from Spain to Scandinavia.


Reduced emissions. We begin the automatization and digitalization of processes. Use of renewable energies. Acquisition of electric trucks.


Contact information

Partida Mas d’en Carrasca Pg. 54 Pl. 73, 43870 Amposta

977 70 27 76


Mon. - Fri. 08:00 - 13:00

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